What Do I Do If My Swimming Pool Isn’t Heating?

All of our years of taking care for the backyard (and the occasional front yard) swimming pool and spas of Salt Lake City and all the surrounding Utah areas have taught us a thing or two. Some of our hard-earned knowledge can be found below:

Q. What do I do if my swimming pool isn’t heating?

A. The first thing to check is that the pump is running and is fully primed (meaning water is moving through it). If water is not flowing through the system, the heater won’t turn on.

The second thing to check is your heater’s pilot light, if your heater has a pilot light. To make sure it is lit by take off the front panel of the heater, get down on the floor, and look in the center of the heater where you should see a small, blue flame. If it’s not lit, follow the instructions on the inside of the door to light the pilot light.

The third thing to check is the contents of the traps and baskets. If the traps and baskets are full they can clog the system and prevent enough water flowing through the system.

If none of the above works, you’ll want to make sure filter pressure isn’t reading too high. Filter pressure should not go up more than 10 lbs. from when the clean filters were installed. If the gage reads 10 lbs above it’s “clean pressure” then you need to backwash or clean the filter(s). If none of the above work, call a swimming pool professional- like us- as there could be any number of other issues preventing your pool heater from working.


How to Get Started on Your Swimming Pool Remodel

Swimming pool and spa

Image by dejus via Flickr

No one likes to do it, but every once in a while it comes time to update and improve your aging swimming pool or spa. Signs that your swimming pool may need an update would include: dated or broken tile that’s falling off, plaster that’s flaking away or rough in texture, coping and decks that are deteriorating, i.e. sagging, cracking, loud or inefficient pool equipment, leaks in structure or plumbing, or you just want an updated look and a more user-friendly environment.

And let’s be honest, arranging to remodel and update your swimming pool can be a pretty big job that’s going to take a lot of time and money. Here are a few suggestions for how to start this mammoth project:

1. Make a budget- as with all remodel jobs, this is the crucial first step that certainly gets skipped a lot. Take some time to talk to decide how much you’re willing to spend and write that number down- you’ll be glad later 🙂

2. Deciding what you want and need- this is as pretty big step and will likely take some outside help. One way to determine what you want is to do is to check out pictures of other pools. One cool tool to check out other swimming pools can be found at zillow.com. Check it out: http://www.zillow.com/home-improvement-dueling-digs/pool/browse/

3. Talk to a professional- of course there’s only so much you can do without talking to someone who knows what they’re doing. We recommend calling: us! Lifeguard Pools and Spas specializes in remodels both small and large and we’ll walk you through all the steps, and even take you around to check out a few ideas we think you might like.