3 Good Reasons To Schedule Your 2012 Utah Spring Opening Early

2012 is the year! This is the year you schedule your Spring Opening early! Why? Well we’ve got the answers below:

1. Mild Winter=Early Summer:
When the temperature is 70 degrees in March in Salt Lake City, Utah there’s a good chance you could be soaking up the rays poolside in spring this year. And you probably won’t be the only one of your neighbors to have the same idea. Call and schedule your spring opening early this year- and don’t worry, if the summer-like temperatures don’t hold, you can wait to turn on the pool heater until you- and the temperature- is ready.

2. An Ounce of Pool Prevention….:
Hopefully this won’t happen to you, but if you have the misfortune of discovering something has gone awry with your swimming pool or hot tub equipment over the winter months, don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your spring opening. That way you don’t risk spending Memorial Day waiting for a pool repair.

3. It’s Just Not Worth the Worry:

Seriously! It’s not worth missing those beautiful first days of swimming pool season waiting for your swimming pool company to come and get everything up and running. It’s not to early to schedule your swimming pool spring opening. Call us today at 801-208-9527 to schedule your Spring Opening. We look forward to having your pool up and running early this 2012 year.

Swimming Pool Wiki

Did you know there is a wikipedia for the swimming pool and spa industry? Well there is, and it’s called http://www.theaquapedia.com. It’s a cool resource for pool and spa information, and also is sporting a brand new page on Lifeguard Pools and Spas. You can check out this newest Utah Swimming Pool Wiki Page by clicking here.

And that’s not all, we also came across another fun wiki site for Homestar Runner, a guilty pleasure of ours. There is even a page dedicated to the swimming pool. Enjoy 🙂


Why is Ph Important to Your Salt Lake Pool

Turns out there are a lot of reasons that caring for the Ph of your swimming pool or spa is important. Check out the list below:
  • Chlorine, your pools sanitizer, is most effective when Ph is between 7.4 and 7.6. You should measure and check the Ph level regularly- or hire  Lifeguard Pools for regular swimming pool maintenance so we can watch it for you.
  • If the Ph of your pool drops below the 7.4 mark, the water becomes too acidic and the acidity of the water can eat away the plaster, plumbing and equipment- which of course leads to pre-mature wear of your pool.
  • If the Ph of your pool rises above 7.6, the water becomes scale-forming and can deposit scale on your plaster, plumbing and equipment- this can lead to your pool heater working less-efficiently.
  • Another important reason to monitor the Ph in your swimming pool is swimmer comfort. Ph levels that are too low or too high can lead to dry itchy skin, burning skin, eye irritation, etc.

Mild Utah Winter = Early Summer?

You might have noticed that it’s been a bit of a mild winter here in Utah. We can’t remember the last time we had to pull out a snowblower- and it’s February! Apparently the snow boots we purchased for the winter will have to wait until next winter to get any use. And have you checked out the weather report for the week? The 40’s all week long! Hallelujah!

And we definitely aren’t complaining about this mild weather front- as long as the water tables hold up. Do you think that means we might be enjoying an early summer? Will everyone be scheduling their swimming pool spring openings in April? Or maybe it’ll be too hot to use our hot tubs by May?

Who knows, but we’re looking forward to swimming weather!

Utah Swimming Pool and Spa Repair

Utah Swimming Pool and Spa Repair

There are a lot of great things about owning a Utah swimming pool or hot tub in your backyard: the convenience, the awesome summer parties, the popularity with friends and neighbors (okay, so this is sometimes a win/lose situation). Some of the less awesome parts of owning a swimming pool or spa in your backyard can include swimming pool and/or spa repairs.

Swimming pool and hot tub repair specializations for the Utah area include:

  • Heaters
  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Salt Systems
  • Chlorinators
  • Chemical Automation Systems
  • Lights
  • Swimming Pool Automation Systems
  • Cleaners
  • Vacuums
  • Swimming Pool Leaks
  • Plumbing Repairs

We also feature the following pool or spa services in case you haven’t done so in a while:

  • Acid Washing the Plaster: Acid wash, like acid trip? No. actually an Acid Wash is more like a facial peel for your inground pool or spa. After you drain your pool or spa, a diluted solution of muriatic acid is applied to the walls of your pool or spa. The acid takes away a fine layer of plaster and leaves your pool looking brighter, fresher, cleaner and with less stains.
  • Tile Repair and Cleaning: We recommend repairing cracked tile as they occur, instead of waiting until half your pool needs some TLC.
  • Draining and refilling pool: Most pools or spas should be drained every 5-8 years. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you an arm a leg to refill, thanks to our Utah water prices.

What Are The Different Types of Chemicals?

As we posted about earlier this week, swimming pool and spa chemicals are a tricky business. Check out the list below for more information on….

Swimming Pool Chemicals and Products for Utah:

Lifeguard Pools and Spas carries a broad supply of swimming pool chemicals and products to care for all of your pool needs. From algae problems to cloudy water, we’ve got the pool chemicals to keep your pool safe and beautiful. Some of the pool chemicals and products we carry for our Utah climate include:

  • Chlorine
    • 3 inch Chlorine Tablets
    • 1 inch Chlorine Tablets
    • Granular Chlorine
    • Liquid Chlorine
    • TriChlor
    • DiChlor
    • Sodium Hypochlorite
    • Bromine
      • Granular Bromine
      • 1 inch Bromine Tablets
      • Pool Salt
        • 40 lb. Bag Quick Dissolving Pool Grade Pool Salt
        • Pool Shock Products
          • Calcium Hypochlorite
          • Lithium Hypochlorite
          • Sodium Dichlor
          • Non-Chlorine Shock
          • Ph Balancers
            • Liquid Acid
            • Dry Acid Products
            • Soda Ash
            • Co2 (Carbon Dioxide)
            • Liquid Chemicals
            • Clarifiers
            • Algeacides
            • Tile Cleaners
            • Pool Filter Cleaners
              • Pool Filter Degreasers
              • Biguanide Sanitizers
              • Pool Perfect
              • Phosphate Reducers
              • Sodium Tetraborite
              • Alkalinity Increaser
              • Stabilizers
                • Cyaneric Acid (CYA)

Spa/Hot Tub Chemicals and Products:

Whether you’re using your spa or hot tub year round, or you prefer to use seasonally in our cold Salt Lake winters, we’ve got the spa and hot tub chemicals you’ll need. Some of the products we carry are:

  • Granular Chlorine
  • Chlorine Shock
  • Non-Chlorine Shock
  • Ph Increaser
  • Ph Decreaser
  • Clarifiers
  • Filter Cleaners
  • Stain and Scale Controllers
  • Metal Controllers
  • Spa Perfect
  • Spa Fragrances
  • Spa Salts

What Are The Best Brands of Chemicals For My Pool Or Spa?

Utah Swimming Pool Supplies: Chemicals and Products

There are many choices when it comes to chemicals and products available for your Utah swimming pool and/or spa. How do you know what the right options are?  It’s recommended to check with a trusted swimming pool professional like ourselves. There is a lot of options out there on the world wide internet, but check out the brands we carry.

Swimming pool and spa chemical brands we carry and recommend are:

If you’re looking for a little more specific information on winterization or spring opening chemicals, keep on reading.

Swimming Pool Winterizing Chemicals and Supplies:

If the Utah snow is coming, chances are it’s time to winterize your swimming pool. It’s a tricky job and we carry the appropriate chemicals necessary to winterize your pool:

  • Winter Shock
  • Winter Algeacide
  • Winter Chlorine Floaters
  • Skimmer Gizmo
  • Winter Pill
  • Winter Antifreeze
  • Winter Plug
  • Winter Pool Cover
  • Water Tubes

Swimming Pool Spring Opening Chemicals and Supplies:

When you’re ready to slip back into your swimsuit, it’s time for your swimming pool spring opening. Even if last year’s swimsuit doesn’t cover you, we will, with our supply of spring opening products and services:

  • Pool Shock Products
  • Water Clarifiers
  • Algeacides

Recreation Utah: Our Favorite Utah Insurance Guy

This may seem a little off topic, but if you’re interested in any sort of outdoor recreation in this great state of Utah, you’ll likely need good insurance, and have we got the guy for you. We’ve been insuring with State Farm Agent Rick Lam for years, and we’ve got to say we’re impressed. He’s a pretty legit insurance man with a great staff that really knows what they’re doing- not to mention he knows his way around all the good Chinese restaurants in the valley 🙂

So if you’re in the market for new insurance, be it auto, home, or for any of your outdoor needs (like boating, RVs, all those fun things) you should give his office a call at 801-263-1890.

State Farm Agent Rick Lam
3500 S. Main Street, Suite 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

website: http://www.ricklam.net