What You DON’T Want In Your Swimming Pool Company

Many swimming pool companies in Utah spend most of their time and energy on building pools, and couldn’t care less about helping their customers with their long term pool service needs. If you notice that your swimming pool company is doing any of the following, you need to call Lifeguard Pools. We are a swimming pool and spa service company, and that’s all we do. Pretty simple, huh?

  1. They Never Answer The Phone: Your swimming pool company should want your business, and should work hard to get it and keep it. If your pool guys aren’t answering the phone and your messages aren’t being returned, your swimming pool company doesn’t care enough about you. Move on to a company that answers your calls, like Lifeguard Pools and Spas. We’ve even been known to answer our phone on weekends and evenings for all of your swimming pool and spa emergencies.
  2. They Never Show Up On Time: Your time is valuable- and you deserve to have your swimming pool service company to show up on time. If you’re spending too much time waiting around and not enough time actually enjoying your pool, give us a call.
  3. They Don’t Send Qualified Pool Professionals: Your pool company should be sending qualified pool professionals who know what they’re doing and perform the agreed upon service. If you’re noticing that the quality of service and repairs is low, it’s time to find a new company.

If you’re looking for a new Utah swimming pool company to complete your weekly or bi-weekly service, give us a call at 801-208-9527.

6 thoughts on “What You DON’T Want In Your Swimming Pool Company

  1. Pool companies should treat customers better because customers are the life in any businesses. If pool companies do not care for their clients, clients should give up on them and change companies who are worth it. Nice post.
    Shasta Pools & Spas

    • Hi Shasta Pools & Spas-

      We agree! Customers should give up on pool companies with bad customer service- there are better options out there.

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  5. It is unfortunate that many pool and spa builders are more concerned with customer service when it comes to building, but not when it comes to maintenance and repair. Personal attention to customers’ needs, whether with building, remodeling or maintaining their pool or spa, is the best way to thrive in today’s marketplace. For professional pool maintenance services in Arizona, visit http://shastapools.com/MaintainingYourPool.aspx.

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