How To Choose Winterizing Chemicals For Your Swimming Pool

Oprah may have her favorite things, and we have ours, specifically for winterizing your swimming pool and/or spa. Some of our favorites? We’re so glad you asked….

  • BioGuard Silk Winter Floater WP:  The Silk Winter Floater WP’s unique design keeps two 1/2 lb. chlorinating silk sticks well below the winter cover line to provide long-lasting, continuous chlorination during the winter months. For white plaster pools only.
  • GLB Algimycin Winter Algeacide (aka Wintertrine): For a simplified approach to seasonal algae protection, GLB Pool & Spa® offers this non-foaming, non-metallic winter algaecide to ensure a hassle-free opening in the spring.
  • BioGuard Winter Shock II: Winter Shock II is our popular, lithium-based winter shock treatment ideally suited for vinyl and above-ground pools. Packaged in convenient 1 lb. bags it dissolves quickly, won’t cloud water, and oxidizes organic wastes.
  • RV Antifreeze: Just make sure to use “RV” anitfreeze, not the other stuff which is highly toxic.

These are a few of our favorite things, err, we mean pool chemicals we use for preparing your Salt Lake City swimming pool for the bitter Utah winter. Contact us for prices and scheduling at 801-208-9527.

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