When Should I Winterize my Swimming Pool in Utah?

It’s as pretty simple answer actually, you should winterize your pool when you’re done using it for this year and you don’t want to heat it any longer. Since this crazy Utah weather varies (especially up here around Salt Lake City) from year to year, this may mean anywhere from September to October.

Some like to choose to turn off their heater, but keep the circulation pump going throughout the winter. This has a high risk associated with it, because if your electricity goes out the water stops circulating, a lot of damage can happen in as little as a day. The only owners who usually go this route are those are confidant they won’t experience a total power outage because they have back up generators. The one advantage to this method is the water on the top of the pool never freezes (because the water is always circulating) and you’re not going to have the same freeze-thaw issues affecting your tile.

The other option is to keep your pool at a usable heat year round, and continue to use it throughout the winter months. If you can’t stomach the price tag for this, but want to keep your heater going, make sure never to turn your heater below 80 degrees.  Any lower and you risk having water that is too cold entering the heater, which water will instantly condensate when it hits the heater. The condensated water will then drip down on the burner tray causing an uneven flame, which will in turn cause the heater to soot. Bottom line: come spring your heater is toast, and you’ll be putting in a new one.

If you’re ready to schedule your winterization now, you can contact us at Lifeguard Pools and Spas at 801-208-9527. We’re happy to help 🙂

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