How To Take Care of Your Utah Swimming Pool

Many people wonder how to take care of their swimming pool or spa in the changing Utah weather.  Unlike a lot of other pool markets (think Arizona or Southern California), Utah has four distinct seasons.  Summer in Utah is like summer anywhere- people use their pools a lot.  In Utah, unlike a lot of other areas, most people have automatic covers on their swimming pools.  Covering a swimming pool means that the pools get less sunlight, so Utah residents have less algae problems (less direct sunlight = less algae).

Keeping a swimming pool covered also means that your Utah swimming pool can get too hot in the dead of summer (think July and August and 100 degree weather).  In fact some pool owners leave the covers off their pools to keep the temperature down to swim-able levels.  Conversely, swimming pool covers are used in the spring and fall to keep pools warmer.  In fact most swimming pools along the Wasatch Front (so anywhere from Davis County to Utah County) have heaters to extend the swimming season- earlier spring and later into the fall.

Keep posted- more info to come on taking care of your swimming pool and/or spa in this always changing Utah weather.

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