Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Care: How To Get Rid of Algae

I was called over to a customer’s house this week to deal with a major algae problem. It took several hours and gallons of chemicals to get their pool back to normal. That made me want to write about how to get rid of algae, before it becomes a major problem.

If you have algae in your Utah swimming pool or hot tub, no amount of filtering is going to help. You first have to kill the algae, and then let the filters do their job.

Most types of algae will respond to chlorine, or if that doesn’t work, an algaecide.  There are many different types of algaecide out there, so do a little research as they have different functions, and some algae is more difficult to kill. Usually a combination of both chlorine and algaecide will do the trick.

Algae that is growing on the side of your swimming pool or hot tub is much more difficult to get rid of, so if you spot any algae growing on the sides, first brush the swimming pool or hot tub with a pool brush to loosen the algae. Your chlorine and/or algaecide will be much more effective once it has been removed from any surfaces.  Once the algae is dead, you can filter your water to remove the dead algae.

If you’re unable to kill of the algae yourself, give Lifeguard Pools and Spas a call at 801-208-9527 and we’ll rescue you from the green stuff.

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